The Free Mirror Project

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Core Ethical Principles

The Free Mirror Project has committed to achieving its mission guided by seven core ethical principles.

1. Human Enrichment

To strengthen and expand each other's capacity for accomplishment in our global community through informational empowerment.

2. Preservation of Knowledge

To maintain a robust and dependable repository of open source information.

3. Impartiality of Access

We will never limit access (from our end) to any of our services on the basis of nationality, sex, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, class, political opinion, age.

4. Confidentiality

The Free Mirror Project will never never keep identifiable user data, or require user registration to access our services.

5. Independence

The Free Mirror Project will conduct our work independent of outside influence, such as political parties, for-profit businesses, sponsors, and donors.

6. Autonomy

The Free Mirror Project will proceed towards its mission, guided by its values, and not be plied or swayed by local, national, or foreign governments.

7. Faithfulness

That any reproductions we provide will be accurate and identical reproductions. We will never altered, add-to, or detracted from any of the redistributed information in our repositories.