The Free Mirror Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did this all start?

A: Basically, it came about because of unused computer resources.

The Founder is a sysadmin who for years had unused resources, and was forever trying to find ways to achieve complete utilization.

Searches of the web showed that others were in similar situations. What was lacking was an organization to round us all up: The Free Mirror Project.

If you're a sysadmin with spare resources, please consider getting involved.

Q: Is there really a need for this?

A: Yes, there is.

We receive millions of requests per month.

Q: Aren't you just a bunch of nerds geeking out?

A: Yup!

For decades, we've been using Open Source software. Always taking, but never contributing. When we clicked the download links, it always "just worked".

But really, nothing ever "just works", does it? Things "just work" because people have made it so.

Q: Why wouldn't donors just host their own mirrors?

A: They should if they can! For those who don't, we offer a simpler way to contribute.

People are short on time these days. They may have resources they'd like to contribute, but not the many hours of maintenance necessary.