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Q: How did this all start?

A: Basically, it came about because of unused computer resources.

The Founder is a sysadmin who always had surplus resources (unused portions of servers), and was forever trying to find a way to utilize them completely.

Through online searches, he found he wasn't alone. There were many other sysadmins in the same boat, looking for ways to contribute. What was lacking was an organization to round us all up.

Thus, The Free Mirror Project.

Q: Is there really a need for this?

A: Yes! We believe there is.

The following are just some of the open source projects that rely on mirrors to distribute their software:
PHP, Putty, VideoLAN VLC, vim, OpenWRT, Perl/CPAN, XFCE, MythBuntu, Linux Documentation Project, Qt Project, ImageMagick, GIMP, Jenkins, Ruby, Xubuntu, WinDirStat, Squid, Raspbian, Debian, Ceph, Linux Kernel Archives, KDE, Wireshark, MySQL, MariaDB, KODI, NetBSD,, Antergos, SendMail, OpenStretMap, ProFTPD, GNOME, Python, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, LibreOffice (The Document Foundation), OpenOffice, Apache Software Foundation, Arch Linux, Free Pascal, Linux Mint, The Tor Project, Slackware Linux, Gentoo Linux, Trisquel, Cran, Postfix, CentOS, Cygwin, Scientific Linux, Fedora, OpenSUSE, The Open Source Developers Network, Turnkey Linux, Calculate Linux.

Plus, Wikipedia openly discusses the need for more mirrors.

Q: Aren't you just a bunch of nerds geeking out?

A: Kind of, but we really do think this is a good cause.

For decades, we've been using Open Source software, never really wondering how we got it. It always "just worked". But really, it doesn't "just work" at all, does it? It works because somebody (many people) have given of themselves to MAKE it work. It is not accidental or just by happenstance.

Perhaps, we've reached a place in life where we can recognize that we ought to help others the way we were helped. We also recognize that, for the continued free access to information and software, there is a passing-of-the-torch which must occur. Previous generations of FOSS-defenders are aging, and others must step up.

Q: Why wouldn't donors just host their own mirrors?

A: Many do! For those who don't, we offer a simple way to contribute.

Many providers generously host their own mirrors, and it is commendable!

For those who don't, we offer to do the work so they don't have to. They can contribute without being on the hook to perpetually update the systems and make sure they're running correctly.

We also provide much more diverse mirrors. We also mirror all projects equally, as resources allow. Although many providers may mirror a small subset of projects, in many cases it may be primarily to to reduce traffic, rather than to contribute to a philanthropic cause.

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