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'Enabling the free exchange of information and ideas.'

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The Free Mirror Project is run and supported by people like you. The goal is to enable the free exchange of ideas and information.

It is a non-profit, autonomous organization with little financial means. All staff positions are unpaid. Keeping costs low is key. It is through the generosity of our supporters that we are able to exist. You can contribute to the cause and be a part of something greater than the sum of its parts.

You can reach us here.

Donate Unused Server Resources

If you have a server which is not using all of its available resources, such as bandwidth or storage space, contact us to see if it can be used in our distributed mirror pool.

A stable server, a static IP address, 100mbps minimum connectivity, and a minimum of 1TB of allocated storage is required to participate.

Donate a Raspberry Pi

The Free Mirror Project is collecting unused and unwanted Raspberry Pi computers to be used with Kiwix and provided to schools in developing nations.

Corporate or Individual Sponsorship

The project is prioritizing the sponsorship of the following:

Donate a Dedicated Server

If your organization can contribute dedicated servers with excellent connectivity, this goes a long way in helping the Project achieve its goals. Dedicated server donations:

Provide Free Server Colocation

This is a big one, as the majority of recurring costs originate in this category.

If your organization is willing to donate co-location and bandwidth, this goes a very long way towards enabliing the organization.

Interested donors should come as close as possible to providing the following.

Donate Server Hardware

Hardware presents a large initial cost. The Project is in need of the following hardware, new or used but servicable:

Donate your Time

To keep costs low, and our infrastructure performing its best, we need skilled staff.

Individuals who are experienced and/or certified in computer security, shell scripting or programming, web development, administration, graphic design, or networking are welcome to contribute.

Help Financially

We are not accepting donations at this time. Would you recosider contributing in another way?

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